Long-term contracts support their solid yields

The best green energy producers, like Innergex and Brookfield, secure long-term contracts for their wind and solar projects. That cuts investor risk and provides steady cash flow for dividends.
INNERGEX RENEWABLE ENERGY INC. $18 is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol INE; High-Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Utilities sector;… Read More

Top-quality telecoms represent good value

The traditional telecommunications service providers, such as Telus and BCE, are trading at substantially lower valuations than other “infrastructure” type companies. This is not only true for Canadian companies, but also for U.S. and other similar companies in Europe.
Infrastructure type companies such as telecommunications, pipelines,… Read More

Online crime continues to fuel cybersecurity

Hackers, organized crime, and even state-sponsored actors are increasingly targeting government and business infrastructure as well as individuals to gain access to confidential information. The list of targets is endless but any entity that is digitally connected is vulnerable.
Online transactions, commercial supply management and payment… Read More

Cannabis in the news January 30, 2019

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News on cannabis stocks and on developments in the industry haven’t let up in today’s volatile markets. Here are the stories that we believe will mean most to you as a Canadian investor.

1. Private sellers in Canada’s fledgling cannabis industry continue to… Read More