Dear Sir: A few months ago a friend suggested a stock called Mustang Minerals. It was trading at around $0.11 to $0.12 a share…then overnight a few weeks ago it shot up. Can you tell us anything about this stock and whether it is recommended to purchase? Thank you.

Mustang Minerals, $0.25, symbol MUM on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 157.2 million; Market cap: $38.5 million;, is a mineral-exploration company with two open-pit deposits in southeastern Manitoba: the Makwa project and the Mayville project (which is about 35 kilometres by road from Makwa).

The company’s… Read More

Hi Pat: Could you please give us your thoughts on Noranda Income Fund? Production and cash flow seem to be up. Any ideas on why unitholder payments have not yet been reinstated? Thanks.

Noranda Income Fund, $2.96, symbol NIF.UN on Toronto (Units outstanding: 37.5 million; Market cap: $111.0 million), was created in 2002 to buy the CEZ processing facility and some assets that belonged to Noranda Inc.

Falconbridge bought Noranda in 2005. Switzerland-based Xstrata Plc then bought Falconbridge… Read More

Good Way to Profit from Metals Boom

TECK COMINCO LTD. $83 (Toronto symbol TCK.B; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Resources sector; Shares outstanding: 215.8 million; Market cap: $17.9 billion; SI Rating: Average) is the world’s largest producer of zinc, which helps prevent steel from rusting. Zinc accounts for a third of Teck’s revenue. The… Read More

Cautions & Greetings

This past year brought richly rewarding takeovers of several of our long-time favourites including Falconbridge, Inco, Fairmont and Sleeman. As a result, you may face a substantial capital-gains tax bill.

Before yielding to the year-end tax-loss selling urge, keep in mind that it’s always a mistake… Read More

It’s Hard to Replace a Winner

Falconbridge Ltd. (formerly Noranda Inc.) will be a hard stock to replace. We first recommended it in our April, 1995 issue. The Resources sector was depressed at the time, but we liked the stock for its high-quality reserves, steady cash flow and secure 5% dividend… Read More

Two More Big Gains

Our focus on high-quality stocks attracts an above average number of takeover offers. Besides Falconbridge, two more of our long-time favourites are now the target of buyout offers:

INCO LTD. $85.50 (Toronto symbol N; Conservative Growth Portfolio; Resources sector; SI Rating: Average) is the world’s largest… Read More