They’re pruning back for new growth

Two of America’s oldest companies, AT&T and General Electric, are now using spinoffs to unlock value for investors. We’re confident these moves will pay off, but only AT&T is suitable for your new buying.
AT&T INC. $24 is a spinoff buy. The company (New York symbol T; Utilities… Read More

Activists push for more spinoffs

Calls by activist investors for corporate breakups are working. In fact, IBM, GE and Johnson & Johnson have all announced or completed spinoffs in the past few weeks. That pressure should draw more attention to the prospects of these two stocks, but we see just… Read More

Spinoff Spotlight: General Electric Co.

ENERAL ELECTRIC CO. $102 remains a hold. The conglomerate (New York symbol GE; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 1.1 billion; Market cap: $112.2 billion; Dividend yield: 0.3%; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; plans to break itself up into three separate companies.
In early 2023, GE will hand out shares in its… Read More

GE continues its turnaround

GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. $105 is still a hold. The company (New York symbol GE; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 1.1 billion; Market cap: $115.5 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 1.5; Dividend yield: 0.3%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; continues to see rising demand for… Read More