How to Buy International Stocks to Enhance and Diversify Your Portfolio

How to Buy International Stocks to Enhance and Diversify Your Portfolio

For Canadian investors wondering how to buy international stocks, ADRs, and international ETFs may be a safer option than picking individual overseas stocks
We believe most investors could benefit from holding some foreign and international investments in their portfolios for added diversification. And growing markets like… Read More

Tap into the global stock market in 3 easy ways

Profiting from the global stock market has never been easier for investors

High-quality stocks in the global stock market are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Moreover, many emerging markets, like China and India, have strong growth prospects. That’s because their population… Read More

These two will ride markets higher

We feel that the current global stock market rally could continue for some time, particularly as the U.S. economy picks up steam. That’s good news for insurance companies like Great-West, which must hold a broad portfolio of securities to cover potential claims. At the same… Read More

Our investing advice on 2 expanding global stock market picks

A number of our Inner Circle members have asked our opinion on global stock market investing in recent months, particularly companies that operate in fast-growing emerging markets.

Some of these companies may not be well-known to North American investors. However, if it’s possible to invest in… Read More

How to cut your global stock market investing risk

When you join Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle, you get to address investment questions directly to me and my research associates; AND you get to see all other members’ questions, and our answers (of course, we eliminate any personal information).

Plus, you get all 4 of… Read More

Global stock market: European PIIGS show the appeal of Canadian stocks

Investor concerns continue to mount over high debt levels in many European countries. That’s especially true of the so-called PIIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain).

Right now, the European Union and International Monetary Fund are working on a bailout of Greece. However, negotiations are… Read More