Get exposure to one of Asia’s biggest economies and one of its rising stars

Get exposure to one of Asia’s biggest economies and one of its rising stars

ETFs represent an easy way to participate in major global stock markets such as those of these two Asian powerhouses.

These two international ETF are well-suited for your new buying and should capture the economic rebound of these key markets.

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Here’s a look at two new ETFs for investors

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These ETFs aim to rise with world markets

Almost half of the world’s stocks trade on exchanges outside of North America, where the economic and political climate can increase risk. However, even in developed countries with stable markets, price-to-earnings ratios are generally more attractive than they are in the U.S. (See supplement on… Read More

I have hesitated to invest in securities outside Canada (i.e., in the U.S.) because of foreign-exchange risk. It doesn’t take a big change in the exchange rates to have a material impact on the investment, and I have no interest in being a speculator in foreign exchange. What is your view of investing outside Canada, and is there a way to eliminate foreign-currency risk?

Our view is that virtually all Canadian investors should have 20% to 30% of their portfolios in U.S. stocks, like the ones we recommend in Wall Street Stock Forecaster.

We feel now is a good time to hold high-quality U.S. stocks, and we see U.S. dollar… Read More