Q: Pat, the bulk of my investments are in North America. I am looking at Europe and thought that an ETF holding solid blue chips would be best for me. As I also require income, I came across ZWP, which pays a very good dividend and holds high-quality companies. Do you think that this would be a good ETF at this time? Thanks.

A: BMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call ETF, $16.40, symbol ZWP on Toronto (Units outstanding: 63.6 million; Market cap: $1.0 billion; www.bmo.com/gam), invests in a dividend-focused portfolio of European stocks.
The fund started up in March 2018. Its MER is a relatively high 0.71%.
Its top holdings… Read More

Should you use a robo-advisory in your ETF investing?

Should you use a robo-advisory in your ETF investing?

A robo-advisory may be better than a bad broker, but there are still downfalls
A robo-advisory involves automated, Internet-based advice and portfolio management services.

A robo-advisory may offer beginning investors a more efficient, lower-cost investment approach, compared to what’s now open to them. Unfortunately, robo-advisors are likely… Read More

Q: Hello all. Could I have your opinion please on CGFX, a gold ETF containing the largest gold miners. It pays a distribution yielding around 6%. They do this by writing covered calls on 25% of the portfolio. Too good to be true? Thanks.

A: The CI First Asset Gold+ Giants Covered Call ETF, $17.20, symbol CGXF on Toronto (Units outstanding: 24.8 million; Market cap: $426.6 million; www.firstasset.com), holds an equal-weighted portfolio of the 15 largest gold and precious-metal companies as measured by market capitalization. Each is listed on… Read More