These leaders aim to grow your income

Canadian finance regulators have instructed banks and other big financial institutions to freeze their dividends during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Manulife and Sun Life are in a strong position to resume regular increases when the crisis passes.
MANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP. $22 is a buy. With the stock (Toronto… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. I really enjoy your Inner Circle emails. I was hoping to get your opinion on NorthWest Health Properties REIT (NWH-UN). Thanks!

A: NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT, $9.73, symbol NWH.UN on Toronto (Units outstanding: 160.1 million; Market cap: $1.7 billion;, owns and operates a portfolio of medical office buildings (50%) as well as hospital and healthcare facilities (50%). The REIT’s units began trading in March 2010… Read More

Insurers still a top choice for income seekers

The COVID-19 outbreak will slow the growth of these top insurance companies, particularly in Asia. The shock to their investment portfolios will also limit their earnings.
However, both firms should rebound quickly once the outbreak eases. That should also let them keep raising your dividends.

How ‘alternatives’ can fit into a portfolio

“Alternative investments” is the collective name for a diverse group of assets that do not fall into one of the traditional asset classes of stocks or bonds. Alternative assets can include real estate, private equity investments, commodities, infrastructure, hedge funds, collectibles, and even art and… Read More