How Do You Find the Best Canadian REITs?

How Do You Find the Best Canadian REITs?

Look for Canadian REITs that focus on investment inputs as well as investment outputs. They should also meet these 9 key criteria.
Top-quality Canadian REITs are among the most stable and highest-yielding real estate investments. That’s because many REITs hold high-quality, non-depleting assets, and took advantage… Read More

Hold this top REIT ETF

ISHARES S&P/TSX REIT INDEX ETF, $16.39, is a hold. The ETF (Toronto symbol XRE; buy or sell through brokers; lets investors tap all 16 Canadian real estate investment trusts in the S&P/TSX REIT Index. Investors pay an MER of 0.61%, and the fund gives you a 4.9% yield.
The… Read More

This activist focuses on REITs

Activist investor Jonathan Litt, through his Land & Buildings Investment Management hedge fund, has a long history of targeting under-performing real estate investment trusts (REITs) and pushing them to boost shareholder value. Here are two of his latest targets.