Q: Pat, what do you think of Bridgemarq Real Estate Services? It has recently changed its name, but has anything else changed? Is the dividend safe? Thank you.

A: Bridgemarq Real Estate Services, $13.90, symbol BRE on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 9.5 million; Market cap: $132.5 million; www.bridgemarq.com), is a leading provider of services to residential real estate brokers. Its network is comprised of 19,046 real estate agents working with 337 broker-owners, who operate 671… Read More

Profit from exploding health-care needs

Three main factors continue to drive demand for health-care products and services: the rapid aging of the population in the developed countries; the expansion of medical services in developing countries; and significant new developments in the field of medical technology and innovation.
The aging of the… Read More

Profit from an aging, and richer, population

The health-care industry continues to benefit from the aging populations of most developed markets. While the growing number of elderly continues to spur demand for health-care products and technology, the expanding middle class of developing nations also contributes. The best health-care companies should profit from… Read More

Rise in surgical robots will drive growth for Mazor Robotics

Rise in surgical robots will drive growth for Mazor Robotics

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently requested his advice on an Israeli company in a rapidly-growing area of medicine.

Mazor Robotics develops systems for computer-assisted surgery, specifically spinal and brain surgeries. The company has produced two robotic systems; it receives 57% of its… Read More

Q: Pat: Thanks for all the great advice over the years. Could you please give me your opinion on Mazor Robotics? Thank you very much.

A: Mazor Robotics (ADR), $47.14, symbol MZOR on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 26.4 million; Market cap: $1.4 billion; www.mazorrobotics.com), is an Israeli company that develops and markets computerized and imaging systems for spine and brain surgeries.

Computer-assisted surgery enables the use of surgical instruments with high precision… Read More

Successful medical devices spurs revenue

Medical device companies operate in an expanding market now worth about $500 billion a year. An aging population, increasing health-care spending and technological advances have fuelled 5% growth per year. The industry is expected to maintain that pace for the foreseeable future.
However, developing a new… Read More

Aging population fuels these ETFs

There’s little doubt that the developing world’s aging population will continue to spend more on medical services for years to come. Medical device makers are well positioned to capture a share of that increased spending. In turn, investors in the industry’s leading companies stand to… Read More