What is Market Timing Theory?

What is Market Timing Theory?

Market timing theory attempts to interpret and detect buy and sell signals in trading patterns and history
The practice of market timing consists of coming up with and acting on a series of guesses (or estimates, or probability assessments) to use in your buying and selling… Read More

These funds are an alternative to holding cash

With today’s still-low interest rates, there are few, if any, high return, lower-risk fixed-income investments available to investors.
But if you must hold cash, and are looking for an alternative to bank savings accounts or holding it with your broker, these four ETFs can give you… Read More

How securities lending helps ETFs

Large ETFs can generate additional income by lending (or “renting”) shares held in the portfolio to counterparties. These counterparties are usually large financial institutions or dealer-brokers that allow clients to sell shares of a particular company short. The counterparty will be required to deposit collateral… Read More

It pays you to be wary of new ETF issues

This month we consider two new high-interest savings ETFs, which compete with money market funds. We also offer you a look at a hedge fund ETF from AGF.
In our August 2019 issue, we initially analyzed high rate savings ETFs from Purpose Investments. Since then, the… Read More

These ETFs let you get more from your cash

The attraction of holding cash has diminished greatly over the past decade due to a low interest rates. Still, many investors hold it in their investment portfolios. That’s not necessarily to earn income, but as a byproduct of their normal portfolio activities or as a.. Read More