How Many Stocks Should I Own?

“How many stocks should I own?” This is one of our most commonly asked questions from new and experienced investors. Here’s the answer.

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Here’s How to Start a Stock Portfolio for maximum long-term gains

For new investors learning how to start a stock portfolio, buying high-quality stocks and diversification are key parts of the process
The fundamentals of investing are essentially the same for newcomers as they are for established, successful investors.

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Investing in Stocks for Beginners: Learning what not to do is a key part of an investor’s education

Investing in stocks for beginners: Focusing on just one or two factors, in our opinion, is sure to cut your returns, in the long term if not in the short.
Learning what not to do is a key part of an investor’s education.

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Investing in fast growing stocks can spell disaster

Getting in on the ground floor with new fast growing stocks may seem enticing, but there are many reasons why most new stocks promoted as “can’t-miss” ideas, do miss.

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