What is Pat's commentary for the week of July 10, 2012?

Our first item raises an interesting question: How does LinkedIn compare to Facebook?

Neither one has immediate appeal as an investment. After all, both are good examples of in-the-limelight stocks. That is, both trade at high prices that reflect excessive investor expectations. Prices of in-the-limelight stocks… Read More

Pat McKeough's investment ideas as shown on YouTube

As the stock market rebounded in 2009 from one of the worst crises in years, Pat McKeough was invited by Jonathan Chevreau of the Financial Post to appear on his ‘Wealthy Boomer’ telecast. In a two-part interview, Pat aired his views on a wide variety… Read More

The Successful Investor in Volatile Markets

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Discover how Pat McKeough and his team of investment experts can help you maximize your returns — and cut your risk — in today’s volatile markets
Read on to learn about…
Step-by-step strategies for seeking solid gains in… Read More