Q: Hello, Pat and team. Could I get your opinion on Premium Brands Holdings? Thank you.

A: Premium Brands Holdings Corp., $94.18, symbol PBH on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 37.4 million; Market cap: $3.5 billion; www.premiumbrandsholdings.com), is a specialty-food manufacturing and distribution company based in Richmond, B.C.

The company operates through two businesses:

Specialty Foods supplies 67% of Premium Brands’ revenue and mainly serves… Read More

Q: Hello. I would like your feedback on DynaCERT. I have been following the company and recently Sprott bought a 13% stake ($14M). Thanks.

A: DynaCERT, $0.54, symbol DYA on the Toronto Venture exchange, (formerly Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc.) (Shares outstanding: 213.6 million; Market cap: $180.8 million; www.dynacert.com), continues to develop, test, make and distribute a transportable hydrogen generator. The product is for aftermarket use and is focused on… Read More

Q: Pat, I would appreciate your comments on lithium stock Nemaska Lithium (NMX). Thank you.

A: Nemaska Lithium, $0.15, symbol NMX on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 847.6 million; Market cap: $131.4 million; www.nemaskalithium.com), is developing a lithium mining and processing operation in Quebec.

Lithium is used in household batteries, glass and ceramics, lubricants, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, polymers and aluminum production. But the metal… Read More

Q: Pat, thank you for all the advice over the years. It has certainly been profitable! I have been hearing about a company called DNEG that is planning an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the company and its prospects?

A: On November 15, 2019, film special effects firm DNEG postponed plans for an initial public offering (IPO) in London due to ongoing market uncertainty.

The company had received a strong level of interest from investors and will assess when to revive its IPO plans once… Read More