Q: Pat, what do you think of Supreme Cannabis? It looks undervalued in relation to other marijuana stocks.

A: Supreme Cannabis, $1.45, symbol FIRE on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 289.9 million; Market cap: $440.7 million; www.supreme.ca), is a Canadian cannabis grower, plus it has other interests worldwide.

The company’s 7ACRES subsidiary owns a 440,000-square-foot facility located in Kincardine, Ontario. Through 7ACRES, Supreme Cannabis grows what… Read More

The top tech stocks will have this hidden asset

The top tech stocks will have this hidden asset

Look for hidden assets and a strong base of operations to gain the most from your investments in the top tech stocks
It’s natural to think you profit best from technology by investing in shares of top tech favourites. But this can lead to disappointment. Tech… Read More

This 30-product cannabis company has made a timely acquisition and that should help it prosper in its highly competitive markets

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Marijuana Producer

Expansion through bigger growing facilities, competitor acquisitions, e-commerce and both local and international partnerships mean this marijuana company is working hard to grow its business

To see where the biggest value is… Read More