Tax shelters in Canada: 3 choices you need to know about

Tax shelters in Canada: 3 choices you need to know about

Tax shelters in Canada that can help you save money when you use them correctly
Tax shelters in Canada aim to reduce or eliminate your tax liability.

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Uncover good Canadian stocks for a happier, more stable retirement

Choosing good Canadian stocks for your well-diversified retirement portfolio will lead to a more financially secure retirement
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Q: Pat, I am thinking of employing the “RRSP meltdown strategy.” In my case, though, I’m thinking of using your newsletters to choose the stocks I purchase with borrowed funds (rather than losing fees to a broker/advisor). What are your thoughts regarding this approach to an RPSP meltdown?

A: There are times when you may want to withdraw money from an RRSP. This has spawned one strategy, the RRSP meltdown, that can bring you more risk than reward.

Here’s how the RRSP meltdown works:

When you take money out of your RRSP, you have to… Read More

RRSP meltdown strategies could jeopardize your retirement

RRSP meltdown strategies promise to ease your tax burden on withdrawals, but these complicated manouvres are usually more lucrative for brokers than for investors
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