Semiconductor ETFs offer long-term promise

Many semiconductor (computer chip) stocks posted big gains after the pandemic hit in early 2020. That’s because sales of chips for personal electronics, such as computers, gaming hardware and so on, soared.
With COVID easing, demand for advanced chips—chips for automotive applications, datacentres, 5G technology and… Read More

Stick with quality for long-term gains

One of the best methods of building wealth over time is to zero in on the shares of quality companies with a consistent history of sales and earnings (or the ETFs that hold them). Solid balance sheets and a strong hold on a growing clientele… Read More

Q: Hello, Pat. I’m thinking of increasing my oil and gas exposure considering the current increases we’ve seen. Do you recommend either the XLE or VDE ETF (each a basket of U.S. energy companies) as a way to do that? Thank you.

A: We still feel that investors will profit the most with a well-balanced portfolio of high-quality individual stocks, but ETFs can also play a role in a portfolio. Here’s a look at the ETFs you’ve asked about:

Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF, $77.14, symbol XLE on… Read More

These ETFs offer top-quality REITs

Traditionally, REITs are said to suffer when interest rates rise. That’s in part because their units, which typically offer high yields, compete with fixed-income instruments for investor interest. However, higher interest rates are usually accompanied by increased economic activity and growth. That higher growth is… Read More

These new ETFs got off to a fast start

This issue we look at the most successful North American ETF launches in 2018. Here “success” is measured in terms of the assets they’ve gathered since their start-up.
With that in mind, here are two of the most successful new launches in 2018.

Two ETFs: Two different themes

This month we look at an ETF that aims to track the newly reclassified S&P/MSCI “communication services” sector. The other seeks to find dividend-paying stocks that will thrive in a rising interest-rate environment.
COMMUNICATION SERVICES SELECT SECTOR SPDR ETF $46.30 (New York symbol XLC) tracks the newly reclassified “communication services”… Read More

These 3 ETFs offer low-fee gold exposure

An improved U.S. economy and low unemployment led the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates three times in 2017 and twice so far this year. That dampens the risk of a falling U.S. dollar and much-stronger inflation. Typically, both of those factors are needed… Read More

These ETFs should rise with energy prices

Higher oil prices continue to spur stock prices for an array of companies in the energy industry. That includes energy services stocks. Those firms assist drillers in setting up oil and gas wells. They also make, fix and maintain the equipment used in oil extraction… Read More