Why you don’t want to buy some cheap stocks

Why you don’t want to buy some cheap stocks

Investors who go out of their way to buy cheap stocks sometimes find themselves with stocks that are headed in the wrong direction

Investing in penny stocks—which trade for under five dollars a share, and as the name implies, sometimes for pennies—is one way to… Read More

Buying gold as an investment in your RRSP

Learn how to buy gold as an investment in your RRSP
As a rule, we recommend that you hold investments like gold separately and not within your Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP).
That’s because, if you hold speculative investments like gold inside… Read More

BCE INC. $51.08 – Toronto symbol BCE

BCE INC. $51.08 (Toronto symbol BCE; Shares outstanding: 778.1 million; Market cap: $41.8 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 4.8%; www.bce.ca) is Canada’s largest provider of telephone, Internet and wireless services. It also offers satellite and Internet TV across the country.

In the three months… Read More

Timely acquisitions spur BCE

Growth by acquisition can be risky, but BCE’s size lets it take advantage of attractive opportunities with a strong chance of success. Some, like its $3.2-billion purchase of Astral Media, further diversify its operations. Others, such as Bell Aliant, offer a low-risk way to expand… Read More

Investor Toolkit: The wrong way to shop for stocks

Every Wednesday, we publish our “Investor Toolkit” series. Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, these weekly updates are designed to give you our advice on successful investing, including productive stock trading advice. Each Investor Toolkit update gives you a fundamental piece of investing advice… Read More

How hedge funds make promises that are almost impossible to keep

No experienced, successful investor will be surprised at the suspicions that cling to hedge funds in the wake of repeated financial crises. When that much money floods into an investment area that fast, unpleasant financial events are bound to happen.

The huge investment attracts unscrupulous characters,… Read More