Global X MSCI Greece ETF hands investors a 44.4% gain

Global X MSCI Greece ETF hands investors a 44.4% gain

As this historic European economy continues to emerge from a deep crisis exacerbated by austerity measures.

Although high government debt, non-performing loans, and high unemployment remain challenges, this country’s stock market is now a global leader and this ETF’s gains this year make it a.. Read More

Greece’s appeal rises again for investors

If you’re like a lot of Canadians, your foreign investment is often spurred by a vacation abroad. Greece’s sundrenched islands and archeological wonders are undoubtedly attractive, but many investors wonder about the future prospects for its stock market.
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Malaysian stocks primed for future growth

Malaysia has an steady track record of economic growth and ranks as one of the most competitive nations among the emerging markets. Its stock market performance remains weak. However, greater political certainty following the the country’s 2018 election should help drive stock market growth. The… Read More

Their high yields come with steady gains

While they sometimes lack high-growth potential, utilities are generally stable, profitable businesses with limited competition—and they offer investors high yields. As a result, as a group, they have a better long-term stock market performance than the overall market and come with less volatility and risk.
The… Read More