Sun Life offers tele-health

SUN LIFE FINANCIAL, $55.77, is a buy. This Canadian insurance giant (Toronto symbol SLF; Shares o/s: 584.8 million; Market cap: $32.1 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Divd. yield: 3.9%; is making an equity investment of $32.7 million in privately held Canadian telemedicine provider Dialogue. The transaction also gives… Read More

Investing in stocks: The hidden drawbacks of split-share corporations

Investing in stocks: The hidden drawbacks of split-share corporations

Split-share corporations come with inherent drawbacks that can hand investors unexpected and unwelcomed costs before they’d planned
Split-share corporations: they’re just one of the areas that Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle can tap into our investment research. Members also get to ask investment questions of Pat and his… Read More

Q: We are holding a position in Blue Ribbon Income Fund (RBN.UN). We are considering building on that position. May I have your thoughts, please?

A: Blue Ribbon Income Fund, $8.37, symbol RBN.UT on Toronto (Units outstanding: 12.8 million; Market cap: $107.1 million;, was formerly called the Citadel Diversified Investment Trust.

This fund holds a lot of former oil and gas trusts, pipeline or other utility trusts (most if not… Read More

Sun Life Financial and Manulife Financial Corp. yields 3.5 and 3.8% plus Asian exposure

Sun Life Financial and Manulife Financial Corp. yields 3.5 and 3.8% plus Asian exposure

Improved sales in Asia led to a 1.3% and 14.2% earnings gains for these two companies during their most-recent quarter.

Both firms recently raised their dividend payouts.

The stocks trade at just 8.3 and 11.6 times each company’s 2020 earnings forecast.

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MANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP. (Toronto symbol MFC;… Read More

Yield to Caution: Dividend 15 Split Corp.

Welcome to your latest issue of Dividend Advisor.
This month, we highlight several attractive, high-yield stocks we recommend to you as buys. They include Extendicare, which offers you a high 6.0% yield while serving the rapidly growing senior-care market. Also, small-cap Russel Metals successfully taps into the North American metals market… Read More

Here’s more top Sustainable ETFs for investors

You will find that the most-popular ETFs in the Sustainable Investment category pick companies based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) attributes. While the top-ranked companies are generally included in ETF portfolios, the funds also tend to widen their holdings to include all major… Read More

Choice lifts its outlook

CHOICE PROPERTIES REIT $14.49 (Toronto symbol CHP.UN; Units o/s: 309.6 million; Mkt. cap: $10.2 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk; Divd. yield: 5.1%; is Canada’s largest real estate investment trust, with 756 properties, including 20 under development. Altogether, that makes for 68.0 million square feet… Read More