Updating Symantec Corp., Snap-on Inc., and North West Co.

SYMANTEC CORP. $23 (Nasdaq symbol SYMC; High Growth Dividend Payer Portfolio, Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 638.9 million; Market cap: $14.7 billion; Dividend yield: 1.3%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Average; www.symantec.com) sells computer-security technology, including antivirus and email-filtering software, to both businesses and consumers.
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SYMC moves up

SYMANTEC CORP. $21.52 (Nasdaq symbol SYMC; TSINetwork Rating: Average) (650-527-8000; www.symantec.com; Shares o/s: 638.8 million; Market cap: $13.8 billion; Dividend yield: 1.4%) is up over 22% since the start of November 2018 on better-than-expected sales and earnings in the latest quarter. The shares are also up on reports… Read More