Soaring cannabis stocks make us wary

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Investment Outlook

Marijuana stocks have soared in the weeks leading up to today’s legalization of recreational cannabis. But those skyrocketing share prices also give us reasons to be wary.  

Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada!
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Diversify with these mid-cap ETFs

For most investors, we still think large-cap companies, or the ETFs that hold them, should form the core of their stock portfolios. However, while a lot of investors look to add a few small companies with high growth potential, many overlook medium-sized companies, or “mid… Read More

Higher rates may hurt these ETFs

U.S. retail sales continue to recover as employment, wages and consumer confidence rise. The growth of online shopping has also contributed to the recovery. Still, the pace of future gains for retailers will largely depend on how fast interest rates move up.
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