These ETFs look beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the global economy. Some businesses—like online retailers and video conferencing providers— have thrived. Many others have suffered, with their demand disappearing overnight. However, as businesses and consumers continue to adjust—and vaccines are distributed—these funds aim to strongly benefit from that… Read More

Hi Pat: I’ve been looking for an investment related to the U.S. housing situation/recovery. The one stock I seem to be gravitating toward is Tricon Capital Group. As well, is there a U.S. housing ETF? Thanks.

Tricon Capital Group, $7.36, symbol TCN on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 90.5 million; Market cap: $674.3 million;, is focused on North American residential real estate development. It has about $1.9 billion of assets under management.

Tricon manages limited partnerships that provide financing to developers, usually in… Read More