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Altamira Science & Technology Fund $8.45

ALTAMIRA SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FUND $8.45 (CWA Rating: Aggressive) (Altamira Investment Services, The Exchange Tower, 130 King St. West, Suite 900, Toronto, Ont. M5X 1K9. 1-800-263-2824; Web site: No load — deal directly with the company) invests in the telecommunications, biotechnology, environmental technology, health care and computer industries.

The $72.9 million fund gained 1.1% over the last year, compared to the Nasdaq’s gain of 2.8%. Its MER is 2.68%.

Top holdings include: Cisco, 6.2%; Microsoft, 4.4%; ASML Holding, 4.0%; Intel, 3.6%; Verisign, 3.5%; Yahoo!, 3.4%; Nokia, 3.3%; Samsung, 3.3%; Red Hat, 3.2%; and St. Jude Medical, 2.8%.

Altamira Science & Technology Fund is a buy for highly aggressive investors only.

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