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New Free Report: Mining Stocks: How to Spot the Best Uranium Stocks, Metal Stocks and Junior Mines

You’ve likely noticed that the prices of many resources—and mining stocks—have risen sharply.

We think resource prices could well move even higher in the months and years ahead. In the near term, resource demand should rise as the Japanese government rebuilds the areas affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Over the longer term, resource prices could soar as the global economy continues to recover. Moreover, fast-growing economies, like China and India, will continue to have a positive impact on resource prices.

Even so, the resource sector continues to be highly volatile, and investing in mining stocks has many hidden risks. In order to reap maximum profits—and avoid the pitfalls—you must know exactly which stocks to buy.

I’ve just written a new free special report to help you zero in on the mining stocks (including uranium stocks, metal stocks and junior mines) that are in the best position to take advantage of rising resource demand.

My new report is called Mining Stocks: How to Spot the Best Uranium Stocks, Metal Stocks and Junior Mines. Click here to download your copy right away.

Don’t miss your chance to download Pat McKeough’s new free report, "Mining Stocks: How to Spot the Best Uranium Stocks, Metal Stocks and Junior Mines." In this new report, Pat shows you how you can earn higher profits in the always volatile resource sector with less risk. Plus you also get full details on 2 of Pat’s top picks in the resource sector— and much more. Click here to download yours now.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll read about in this new free report on mining stocks from me, Pat McKeough, and TSI Network:

  • Full details on my time-tested strategy for tapping into rising resource demand with less risk. I’ve seen many resource booms—and busts—in my long career in the investment business. My simple strategy can help you make the most profits in mining stocks in times of rising resource prices, and protect your profits when prices fall.
  • A top buy in uranium stocks: Many investors think uranium demand will plummet in the aftermath of the Japanese nuclear disaster. But we think that’s just plain wrong! Power-thirsty emerging markets, like Russia and India, continue to expand their nuclear programs, and China’s uranium imports are rising sharply. This well-established company stands out among the best uranium stocks. It already supplies a large amount of global uranium production, and it recently signed big contracts with two Chinese utilities. You’ll learn all about this high-quality uranium stock’s prospects in Mining Stocks: How to Spot the Best Uranium Stocks, Metal Stocks and Junior Mines.
  • 10 keys to spotting the best junior mines. Junior mining stocks are some of the most speculative investments you can buy. However, the best junior mines could be set to explode for profits of 100%, 200%, 300% or more as resource demand continues to heat up. These 10 simple strategies will help you find the gems among the rocks.
  • One of our favourite base metal stocks. This zinc miner could be set to skyrocket with rising industrial demand. Get full details on this metal stock’s operations in this report.

This report is the latest in a series of reports I’ve written as free downloads on TSI Network. Previously, I wrote “Copper Mining: How to Choose the Best Copper Stocks and ETFs to Profit from the Reconstruction of Japan,” which showed investors how to profit from rising copper with less risk.

To get started, click here to download your copy of Mining Stocks: How to Spot the Best Uranium Stocks, Metal Stocks and Junior Mines.


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