Expect dividend increases from these four

Rising interest rates generally reduce the appeal of income stocks, including utilities. However, recent acquisitions by these four industry leaders—and their new projects—set them up for years of higher dividends.
CANADIAN UTILITIES LTD. (Toronto symbols CU [class A non-voting] $31 and CU.X [class B voting] $31; Income Portfolio, Utilities sector;… Read More

Frontier markets are still emerging

Frontier markets are developing countries, but with economies considered still too small to be emerging markets. While risky, the best of frontier-market stocks offer good prospects for growth and strong fundamental value. Here are two ETFs that aim to benefit from those stocks and their… Read More

Look beyond their latest quarterly results

All four of these power and gas utilities reported lower earnings for the second quarter of 2018. Moreover, rising interest rates have hurt their appeal among income-seeking investors. Higher rates will also increase their borrowing costs as they raise funds for new projects.
Even so, most… Read More

Excelsior Mining stakes future on unique copper project

Excelsior Mining stakes future on unique copper project

Recently Pat McKeough replied to a Member of his Inner Circle seeking his opinion on a Canadian penny stock that is developing an unusual copper project in Arizona.   

Excelsior Mining is working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to obtain a permit to extract a.. Read More

Buy them to profit from electric cars

AMERIGO RESOURCES $1.14 (Toronto symbol ARG; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (604-681-2802; www. amerigoresources.com; Shares outstanding: 176.3 million; Market cap: $201.0 million; No dividends paid) processes copper and molybdenum from the waste rock of the El Teniente mine in Chile. That site is the world’s largest copper… Read More

More gains ahead for base-metal ETFs

Base metals are highly cyclical commodities, closely tied to global economic growth. Copper, iron, zinc, nickel and aluminum are widely used in manufacturing and infrastructure development. In turn, those projects rely on steady global economic expansion.

The $1 trillion that the Trump administration proposes for… Read More