We see one of these new ETFs as a buy

This month we highlight both a copper exchange traded fund from Horizons and a high-income ETF from Harvest Portfolio Group.
HORIZONS COPPER PRODUCERS INDEX ETF $20.20 (Toronto symbol COPP) aims to track the Solactive North American Listed Copper Producers Index. This index invests in copper mining firms that are… Read More

Amerigo dodges Chile’s higher taxes

AMERIGO RESOURCES, $1.35, is a buy for aggressive investors. The company (Toronto symbol ARG; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (www.amerigoresources.com; Shares outstanding: 182.0 million; Market cap: $245.7 million; Divided yield: 5.9%) processes copper and molybdenum from the waste rock of the giant El Teniente mine in Chile.
That country… Read More

Three more value picks for you ETF portfolio

We continue to assess the merits of ETFs that have underperformed for investors over the past 3 years: Below we give you a snapshot of funds focused on global energy stocks, copper miners and U.S. telecoms. Each faces industry pressures that impact your returns. Still,… Read More