Are Penny Stocks Worth It?

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Canadian Penny Stock Guide: Find where to find Penny Stocks that pay well.

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Get a huge 10.4% yield from Amerigo Resources

Amerigo Resources is a shining exception to almost all other penny stocks thanks to its stellar and lasting returns.

The firm has returned a whopping 113.0% gain to investors over the last 3 years.  Compare that to the benchmark S&P Global Natural Resource index, up 45.8% over the same time. (The S&P itself gained 23.9% over the last three years.)

Even more unheard of is the copper producer’s high and sustainable 10.4% dividend yield. We expect this well-resourced junior miner to add significantly to investor gains as the global economy rebounds from inflationary pressures and sluggish growth.

Are Penny Stocks Worth It?

Learn everything you need to know in 'Canada's Penny Stock Guide' for FREE from The Successful Investor.

Canadian Penny Stock Guide: Find where to find Penny Stocks that pay well.

AMERIGO RESOURCES LTD. (Symbol ARG on Toronto) processes copper and molybdenum from the waste rock of the El Teniente mine in Chile. That site is the world’s largest copper operation. Amerigo also has other deals to process material at the nearby Colihues and Cauquenes tailings ponds.

Amerigo has continued to buy back a lot of its shares. Share buybacks reduce the number of shares outstanding. That boosts earnings per share since profit is divided among fewer shares. The improved per-share ratio makes the stock more attractive to investors.

This further spurs the share price.

The company completed its 2022 share-repurchase plan well ahead of schedule.

Under that plan, Amerigo was authorized by the Toronto exchange to purchase up to 10.75 million common shares (representing 6.14% of the common shares outstanding) over a period of 12 months starting December 2, 2021, and ending no later than December 1, 2022.

Amerigo bought back all 10.75 million shares at an average cost of $1.62.

Meantime, Amerigo returned $10.0 million to shareholders in the 2023 first half. That included buying back a further 2.3 million shares for $2.7 million, plus $7.3 million in dividend payments. Amerigo’s shares yield a high 10.4%.

Penny Stocks: Long-term copper demand is a major driver going forward for Amerigo Resources

Meanwhile, Amerigo currently gets 94% of its revenue from processing copper. The remaining 6% comes from its output of molybdenum, which is used in steelmaking.

Amerigo recently reported lower copper production in the latest quarter. The company’s copper production fell 8.6%. Specifically, output for the three months ended June 30, 2023, dropped to 13.63 million pounds (at a production cost of $2.37 per pound) from 14.92 million pounds (at a cost of $2.01) a year earlier. However, the decline was primarily due to production being halted from June 23, 2023, through the end of the quarter due to extraordinary flooding that severed the operation’s connection to Chile’s central power grid. That resulted in 1.3 million pounds of lost copper production in the quarter.

After dropping to as low as $2.17 U.S. per pound in mid-March 2020, copper rose steadily to a record price of $5.02 on March 6, 2022. Fears of supply chain disruptions and historically low stockpiles amid rising copper demand drove prices higher.

However, copper prices have since pulled back to $3.60. That’s mostly on concerns that rising interest rates will continue to slow global economies. As well, investors worry about the pace of China’s economic recovery.

Longer term, the outlook for copper looks positive. From a supply standpoint, due to a lack of new mines, long-term copper shortages could result. And as economies recover, it will push up demand—and that includes demand from segments such as electric vehicles (EVs) and green-energy related operations.

Copper market fundamentals suggest continued strength going forward. The copper supply/demand imbalance also presents an investment opportunity for those interested in copper-mining stocks.

All these factors bode well for the company and its share price going forward.

Recommendation in Power Growth Investor: Amerigo Resources Ltd. is a buy for aggressive investors.

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