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  • May I have your comments on Symantec. 2017 & 2018 the company was chosen as a top pick for those years and yet the stock has dropped almost 1/3 in value. Yesterday the President & COO resigned.

    • TSI Research 

      Thanks for your question. We still feel the outlook for Symantec is positive—and will continue to update our advice for our subscribers.

  • An additional risk to owning US real estate is the variation in exchange rates that can occur during your ownership period. We bought a winter home in Arizona in 1997 when the Canadian dollar was weak and we continued to invest in improvements like a swimming pool with a weak Canadian dollar. When we sold that property ten years later, the Canadian dollar was almost par with the US dollar. The financial result was that we made a taxable capital gain in the US but we had a net capital loss in Canadian dollars – a capital loss we could not claim in Canada because the property was a “vacation residence”. However, if we had made a capital gain in Canadian dollars, we would have also had to pay capital gains tax in Canada because this was not our “principal residence”.

  • Carole 

    We own rental real estate in canada and oregon. We have for over 25 years. We are trying to plan for dispisal or inheritance for our adult children. We would like financial planning help but cant seem to find anyone to help. Where do we go?

    • TSI Editorial Team 

      We see better opportunities among Canada’s REITs over the complexity of holding U.S. REITs.

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