How to Buy International Stocks to enhance and diversify your portfolio

How to Buy International Stocks to enhance and diversify your portfolio

For Canadian investors wondering how to buy international stocks, ADRs and international ETFs may be a safer option than buying on foreign exchanges
We believe most investors could benefit from holding some foreign and international investments in their portfolios for added diversification. And growing markets like… Read More

More premium brands to boost your value

In the past few years, increasingly health-conscious consumers have cut their alcohol use. In light of stagnating volume sales, brewer Molson Coors and distiller Diageo continue to shift their focus to premium brands. They generate higher profits to help drive your gains.
The move should also… Read More

These automakers still have long-term appeal

The global automotive industry is dealing with several long-term trends. Those include slowing sales as millennials opt for ride-sharing services instead of buying new cars, and rising tariffs that make cars more expensive.
We feel established and profitable car companies, such as the three we analyze… Read More

Narrower focus will pay off for these two

In the past few years, activist investment firms have pressured ABB and BHP to sell their unprofitable operations. That has freed up cash for share buybacks and dividends.
ABB LTD. ADRs $20 (New York symbol ABB; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; ADRs outstanding: 2.1 billion;… Read More