Q: Hello, Pat. I’ve been quite content in my investments knowing that your professional decisions have been very good. I recently heard about Vicarious Surgical. What do you think of this stock? Thanks.

A: Vicarious Surgical Inc., $3.88, symbol RBOT on New York (Shares outstanding: 102.0 million; Market cap: $482.0 million; www.vicarioussurgical.com), was founded in 2014. The company aims to develop what it sees as a disruptive technology to increase the efficiency of surgical procedures, improve patient outcomes,… Read More

This big bank taps cannabis industry growth

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While some of Canada’s banks were initially reluctant to participate in cannabis company financing, this institution has actively helped to facilitate large industry deals. At the same time, a key U.S. acquisition lets the bank benefit from the strong U.S. economy. In… Read More

Our top dividend stocks for 2019

We’ve selected CIBC, Cisco Systems and Choice Properties REIT as our top dividend picks for 2019. All three stocks offer high yields, and will likely increase their dividends this year. What’s more, each trades at an attractive multiple to its projected earnings or cash flow.

Good time to buy Canada’s big banks

The shares of Canada’s big five banks have moved down recently, mainly due to fears that a slowing economy and rising interest rates will cut demand for new loans. However, each of the five continue to lower their costs and expand outside of Canada. That… Read More

CIBC extends a key airport deal

CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE $114 (Toronto symbol CM; Conservative Growth and Income Portfolios, Finance sector; Shares outstanding: 442.4 million; Market cap: $50.4 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 3.0; Dividend yield: 4.8%; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; www.cibc.com) has extended its exclusive alliance with Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, which handles… Read More