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HELIOS TECHNOLOGIES, $44.12, symbol HLIO on Nasdaq, develops and sells hydraulic and electronic control systems.

The company’s Hydraulics segment serves diverse markets including material handling, construction equipment, agriculture, and specialized vehicles. through its Sun Hydraulics and Faster Group units, it also serves the energy market and… Read More

Q: Thank you for your sage advice. Could you please provide me with your analysis of these two businesses: Power Metal Corp. and Protect Home Medical Corp. Thanks.

A: Power Metal Corp., $0.41, symbol PWM on the Toronto Venture Exchange (Shares outstanding: 102.9 million; Market cap: $42.0 million; www.powermetalscorp.com), is a Canadian mineral explorer with a focus on lithium and other high-growth specialty metals and minerals. It aims to take advantage of what… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. Thank you for your wealth of investment knowledge over the years it has helped my family build a good financial foundation for the present and future. Please, tell us more about Real Matters Inc. (REAL) on Toronto. Look forward to your reply. Thanks.

A: Real Matters Inc., $11.85, symbol REAL on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 84.9 million; Market cap: $957.7 million; www.realmatters.com), provides technology and network management solutions to the mortgage lending and insurance industries in Canada and the U.S. The company is based in Markham, Ontario. Its clients… Read More

How Metro Inc. plans to use cannabis to reward investors

How Metro Inc. plans to use cannabis to reward investors

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Licences for medical and recreational marijuana are potential revenue streams for this Canadian grocery chain that also owns pharmacies. And meanwhile, it’s already selling hemp-based foods and nutritional supplements

Think you know all about Marijuana and Investing?
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