How ‘alternatives’ can fit into a portfolio

“Alternative investments” is the collective name for a diverse group of assets that do not fall into one of the traditional asset classes of stocks or bonds. Alternative assets can include real estate, private equity investments, commodities, infrastructure, hedge funds, collectibles, and even art and… Read More

Activists offers clues not certainty

Hedge funds often act as activist investors, and some have successfully pushed companies to make moves that increase shareholder returns. For example, Elliott Management, led by Paul Singer, is now one of the world’s largest activist funds with $35 billion in assets under management.
Elliott, and… Read More

It pays to be cautious with alternative ETFs

Direct investment in private equity, hedge funds and so on was once just for institutional and high-net-worth individuals. However, alternative assets are now also available through a limited number of ETFs. While they focus on high-risk investments, many aim to use strategies to cut some… Read More

This holding company is primed for a spinoff

CHEMED CORP. $319 (New York symbol CHE; Manufacturing sector; Shares outstanding: 16.1 million; Market cap: $5.1 billion; Dividend yield: 0.4%; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; operates two wholly owned subsidiaries: VITAS Healthcare and Roto-Rooter. The two subsidiaries are in distinctly different businesses and have completely separate operations.
VITAS is… Read More

The Best ETF Selection Strategies For Long-Term Portfolio Gains

The Best ETF Selection Strategies For Long-Term Portfolio Gains

The best ETF selection strategies will focus on well-diversified funds holding top-quality stocks
In general, we like ETFs better than mutual funds. Their MERs (Management Expense Ratios) are typically much lower than those of mutual funds. That’s because most ETFs take a simpler approach to investing… Read More

Successful investment marketing can lead to unsuccessful investing

Successful investment marketing can lead to unsuccessful investing

To succeed as an investor, you need to disregard or at least downplay investment marketing messages, especially with new investment innovations.
Investment and consumer companies both work hard on their marketing, because it can attract customers and spur sales. But investment marketing can do a lot… Read More