Japanese carmakers turn the corner

Thanks to a better supply of computer chips, controlling a variety of vehicle functions such as power steering and braking, Toyota and Honda are once again increasing their production. They are also benefitting from the low value of the Japanese yen, which makes their products… Read More

Use these updates to enhance your returns

HONDA MOTOR CO. LTD. ADRs $27 is a buy. The automaker (New York symbol HMC; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; ADRs outstanding: 1.7 billion; Market cap: $45.9 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 0.4; Divd. yield: 3.9%; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; www.honda.com) sold 71,235 vehicles in the U.S. in… Read More

Japan: Poised for a post-COVID-19 recovery

The Japanese economy ranks among the top 5 in the world and hosts some of the most-profitable global corporations. The economy is, however, hamstrung by a declining and rapidly aging population. Still, an older population also presents opportunities, and Japanese companies are already coming up… Read More

Get a 4.0% yield from Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

Get a 4.0% yield from Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) make it easier for Canadian and other Western investors to benefit from the value of the best overseas companies.

While car sales will likely remain depressed for the next few months, this world-class firm should outpace many competitors thanks to effective… Read More