Two Big Risks of Canadian Penny Stocks You Can Avoid

Two Big Risks of Canadian Penny Stocks You Can Avoid

Canadian penny stocks can be riskier than other investments, and if investors aren’t careful, early success can actually lead to a big loss.
The appeal of Canadian penny stocks today is no different than it was in the past. Investors are looking to add to the… Read More

Here’s your primer for precious-metal gains

Investor demand for gold is very strong right now, with consistent buying by central banks as well as exchange-traded funds. Silver has also moved lately, but platinum has lagged.
Those last two precious metals have proportionally larger industrial applications than gold (see graph), which strengthens their… Read More

What is Pat’s commentary for the week of April 15, 2014?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 600 points in a little over a week. Speculative stocks such as Facebook are down around 20% from their peaks of the previous month. Meanwhile, Russia is concentrating its troops on Ukraine’s eastern border, and Ukrainian troops clashed… Read More