We recommend staying out of trendy ETFs

Promoters of ETFs are in the business to make money from the products they provide. This is a legitimate objective, but sometimes promoters aim to capitalize on short-term fads to appeal to investors. These products can deliver poor results in the long term. Below, we… Read More

These ETFs tap millennial spending

Born between 1980 and 2000, about 90 million residents in the U.S. belong to Generation Y. The oldest of those “millennials”—a name coined for members of this large demographic group—will reach their prime earning years starting in 2020. Over the next two to three decades,… Read More

What is theme investing?

Brokers like theme investing because it gives them a rationale to recommend new stocks or ETFs to their clients. However, this could be harmful to their portfolios.

Theme investing has a natural appeal. It simplifies things. Investors like it because they feel it can put their… Read More