Integrated oil giant moves ahead with LNG

Crude prices will likely remain volatile for all of 2019. The best way to cut your oil price risk is with integrated producers because refineries achieve higher profit margins when they pay less for the crude oil they use as raw material.

This particular integrated producer… Read More

Finding the Best Energy Dividend Stocks for Your Portfolio

Finding the Best Energy Dividend Stocks for Your Portfolio

The energy industry can help provide a hedge against inflation, and top energy dividend stocks offer current income—as well as a history of success and modern technology for future growth.

Energy dividend stocks can play a role in your portfolio as a hedge against inflation, and… Read More

Asset sale will help brighten its outlook

Asset sale will help brighten its outlook

With its long-term debt at 117% of its market capitalization, this conglomerate is making strategic cuts to focus on three main businesses: aviation products, electrical power equipment, and renewable power equipment.

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GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. $10 (New York symbol GE; continues to make progress with… Read More

Dividend Advisor Hotline – Friday, March 15, 2019

GREAT-WEST LIFECO INC., $31.41, Toronto symbol GWO, is Canada’s second-largest insurance company, after Manulife Financial (Toronto symbol MFC). It also offers mutual funds and wealth management services.

Starting with the March 2019 payment, the company raised its quarterly dividend by 6.2%, to $0.413 a share from… Read More