ETF Stocks: Precious metal ETFs to hold

ETF Stocks: Precious metal ETFs to hold

Precious metal ETFs have largely centered on gold stocks. We continue to see the outlook for that precious metal as positive, and for aggressive investors who want to hold precious metal ETFs, including a silver ETF, we have two of them below.

Most precious-metal stocks dropped,… Read More

Blue chip ETFs focus on Canada

Blue chip ETFs focus on Canada

These two blue chip ETFs hold mostly large-capitalization, widely traded stocks on the Canadian exchange. Both funds mirror, or track, the performance of major stock market indexes as opposed to narrower ones focused on resources or themes, such as solar power or biotech.
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China remains a key factor in Australia’s economy

The overall relationship between China and Australia has grown considerably over the years to the mutual benefit of both countries.
As China’s economy developed rapidly, it needed large quantities of natural resources for its infrastructure development and manufacturing expansion. Australia was a ready supplier. This relationship… Read More

Good time for you to buy gold

For many investors, gold represents a “safe harbour” amid COVID-19 turbulence. That’s reflected in the sharp price jumps we continue to see.
We expect gold-loving markets in Asia and other emerging markets to rebound after the coronavirus. That should further spur gold purchases, taking gold stocks… Read More

These ETFs aim to provide a ‘safe harbour’

Most precious-metal stocks dropped, along with stock markets, in March 2020. They then quickly reversed that trend to soar for investors.
The extra burst reflects investor fears about many things, including stock market volatility because of COVID-19 and the length and depth of the resulting economic… Read More

ETF investors enjoy an April Bounce

Perhaps not surprisingly, risky assets rebounded substantially in April after considerable selling in late March. The extraordinary level of stimulus provided by central banks and governments around the world also helped to fuel the upswing for hard-hit investors.
At the broad market level, the Vanguard Total World… Read More