These dividend ETFs offer you regular income

Higher interest rates mean dividend-paying stocks must increasingly compete with fixed-income investments for investor interest. However, sustainable dividends still offer an attractive and growing income stream for investors.
Meanwhile, dividend-focused ETFs often follow strategies that can set investors up for maximum long-term gains with the least… Read More

Q: May I have your recommendation on the ETF trading under the symbol XDIV? I am considering it for its dividend income. Thanks.

A: iShares Core MSCI Canadian Quality Dividend Index ETF, $23.46, symbol XDIV on Toronto (Units outstanding: 30.4 million; Market cap: $713.2 million;, tracks the MSCI Canada High Dividend Yield 10% Security Capped Index.

This index aims to invest in Canadian stocks with above-average dividend yields… Read More

Three more updates to protect your gains

APA CORP. $35 is a hold. The oil producer (New York symbol APA; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Resources sector; Shares outstanding: 338.2 million; Market cap: $11.8 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 1.4; Dividend yield: 1.4%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; and its partner Total SA recently announced a major offshore discovery near… Read More