Q: Pat, I am interested in adding to my REIT holdings and would like to know what your opinion is regarding adding REI.UN and CHP.UN to my TFSA account as opposed to placing them in a cash or registered account.

A: We see both RioCan REIT, $28.58, symbol REI.UN on Toronto, and Choice Properties REIT, $13.33, symbol CHP.UN on Toronto, as buys.

Which account to hold REITs in depends on an individual’s personal tax situation and what else they hold in their overall portfolio. However, here’s… Read More

Urban focus enhances RioCan’s prospects

RIOCAN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST $25 (Toronto symbol REI.UN; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Units o/s: 304.6 million; Market cap: $7.6 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 6.5; Dividend yield: 5.8%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; www.riocan.com) owns all or part of 233 shopping centres and other rental properties in… Read More

ETF taps Canadian REITs

ISHARES CDN REIT INDEX ETF $18.37 (Toronto symbol XRE; buy or sell through brokers; ca.ishares.com) holds all 16 Canadian real estate investment trusts in the S&P/TSX REIT Index. This includes retail, residential, office and industrial REITs.
The fund has an MER of 0.61%, and it currently yields a high… Read More

Q: Pat: I have read a number of articles on Brookfield Property, and analysts seem very positive. What is your opinion of BPY.UN and what is your top REIT recommendation?

A: Brookfield Property Partners LP, $26.19, symbol BPY.UN on Toronto (Units outstanding: 407.4 million; Market cap: $10.7 billion; www.brookfieldproperties.com), owns, operates and invests in commercial real estate worldwide.

Brookfield Asset Management (symbol BAM.A on Toronto) first sold shares of Brookfield Property Partners to the public in… Read More

Here are three top picks for 2019

Dear safe-money investor:
We’ve selected our top picks for 2019—one stock, one real estate investment trust (REIT) and one exchange-traded fund (ETF). Each offers an attractive combination of growth prospects and a reasonable price.
We feel that investors profit the most by holding a well-balanced portfolio… Read More