Trading Penny Stocks comes with lots of ways to lose money

If you think you can make big money trading penny stocks, think again. These shares rarely have significant investment value
Penny stocks are often traded “over the counter” or on the “pink sheets” (a holdover term from when over-the-counter stock quotes were printed on pink paper),… Read More

Q: Hi, Pat. Here’s a stock I would appreciate an opinion on: Seahawk Ventures (SHV). Thanks.

A: Seahawk Ventures Inc., $0.18, symbol SHV on the Canadian Securities Exchange (Shares outstanding: 141.1 million; Market cap: $7.1 million;, is a Canadian resource exploration company.

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), formerly the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX), is one of the country’s alternative stock… Read More

Thomson’s turnaround takes off

The old Thomson Corp. wisely got out of the newspaper business in the early 2000s to focus on its faster-growing information-services operation. In 2008, it added more highquality financial data when it acquired the 160-year-old Reuters news agency for $17 billion U.S. in cash and… Read More