Good time to buy more of this bank

Bank of Nova Scotia has recently announced several big strategic acquisitions. Still, buying new businesses to expand adds risk, and the bank will have to sell new shares to pay for them.
As a result, Scotiabank has dropped 4% in the past year, compared to share-price… Read More

BNS deal taps key niche

BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA $74.36 (Toronto symbol BNS; Shares o/s: 1.2 billion; Market cap: $89.1 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 4.4%) is the third largest bank in Canada.
It will now buy MD Financial Management, which sells wealth management services to Canadian medical doctors, their… Read More

Ameriprise Financial Inc. $45 – New York symbol AMP

AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL INC. $45 (New York symbol AMP; WSSF Rating: Average) provides wealth management, brokerage and insurance services through a nationwide network of over 12,000 advisors. It currently owns, manages or administers assets worth $428.1 billion.

In the three months ended December 31, 2005, Ameriprise’s income… Read More

Spin-offs are a plus, not a guarantee

When a company sets up one of its subsidiaries or divisions as a separate company and hands the stock out to its investors as a special dividend, it tends to unlock hidden value. Over time, the combined value of the post-spinoff parent and spun-off company… Read More