Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Today, we look at two Canadian ETFs that hold many of the Canadian stocks we recommend for 2021. iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF and iShares Canada Select Dividend Index ETF mirror, respectively, sub-indexes holding the 60 most-heavily trades stocks and 30 of the highest-yielding dividend stocks… Read More

Updating your Conservative-Growth Payers: Wells Fargo

WELLS FARGO & CO. $38 remains a buy for long-term gains. The bank (New York symbol WFC; Conservative-Growth Payer Portfolio, Finance sector; Shares outstanding: 4.1 billion; Market cap: $155.8 billion; Dividend yield: 1.1%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; is the fourth-largest of America’s banks by assets.
Due to rising… Read More

Three financial ETFs—but just one is a buy

Banks and other financial services firms suffered in early 2020 as the pandemic took hold. But most have since bounced back. Meanwhile, once COVID-19 eventually subsides and economic activity strengthens, the best of these stocks should be strong performers. That’s all the more so because… Read More