The Successful Investor Hotline – Friday, October 17, 2008

Article Excerpt

The Dow’s 11.1% gain on Monday was the fifth-biggest percentage gain on record. The 9.8% gain on Toronto the next day was the biggest ever. Markets remain volatile and have moved down since, but my view is that governments around the world are now taking the kind of steps that will contain the crisis and eventually restore liquidity in the banking system. You can only spot market reversals in hindsight, so it’s too early to declare if we are near a bottom. But even if we are, markets are apt to remain volatile and some stocks are bound to go to lower lows. We continue to recommend that you spread your investments out across the five main economic sectors, and devote around a quarter of your portfolio to U.S. stocks. And we still think you should continue to hold on to good-quality stocks. TERANET INCOME FUND $10.60, Toronto symbol TF.UN, has dropped its opposition to a hostile $11.00-a-unit takeover offer from the Ontario…

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