5 top Canadian dividend stocks to invest in

5 top Canadian dividend stocks to invest in

Here are 5 Canadian dividend stocks we recommend holding in your portfolio during and after COVID-19
One of the key points in our three-part investment advice is to invest mainly in well-established dividend-paying stocks. The COVID-19 pandemic and the current downturn it has indirectly spurred highlight… Read More

Good time to buy Canada’s big banks

The shares of Canada’s big five banks have moved down recently, mainly due to fears that a slowing economy and rising interest rates will cut demand for new loans. However, each of the five continue to lower their costs and expand outside of Canada. That… Read More

Dividend Advisor Hotline – Friday, January 4, 2019

PFIZER INC., $43.00, New York symbol PFE, is one of the world’s largest makers of prescription drugs. Its top-selling brands include Lyrica (epilepsy), Celebrex (arthritis pain), Prevnar (pneumonia) and Enbrel (rheumatoid arthritis).

Starting with the March 2019 payment, Pfizer will increase its quarterly dividend by 5.9%,… Read More

Asset sales bolster BNS

BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA $68.27 (Toronto symbol BNS; Shares outstanding: 1.2 billion; Market cap: $83.5 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 5.0%; www.scotiabank.com) is Canada’s third-largest bank with total assets of $998.5 billion.
The bank continues to shrink its operations in the Caribbean as part of its… Read More