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Q: Pat, do you have any information on WSP Global, the Montreal-based engineering firm? Thanks.

Article Excerpt

A: WSP Global Inc., $80.95, symbol WSP on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 100.8 million; Market cap: $8.6 billion;, is a professional services consulting firm. It employs about 49,000 people, mainly engineers, technicians, scientists, environmental specialists, planners, and architects. The company is headquartered in Montreal, with more than 500 offices in 40 countries. WSP Global groups its projects according to industry: Transportation and Infrastructure accounted for 52% of total revenue in fiscal 2018; Property and Buildings, 28%; Environment, 10%; and Industry and Energy, 10%. Revenue can also be broken down by geographic segment: Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, account for 36%; the Americas, 29%; Canada, 18%; Asia Pacific, 17%. The company’s current major projects are varied: the Reforma Tower in Mexico City; the Odense Light Rail system in Denmark; La Quina Effluent Water Treatment Plant in Peru; The Parklands project in Gold Coast, Australia; Polish History Museum in Warsaw; German Unity Transport Project 8 in German; the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile; Sengkang Hospital…