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Q: Pat, what is your opinion of this socially conscious ETF, Goldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF? Thank you.

Article Excerpt

A: The Goldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF, $44.89, symbol JUST on New York (Units outstanding: 3.1 million; Market cap: $139.2 million;, started up June 7, 2018, launched by prominent hedge fund manager and billionaire philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones. The ETF’s MER is a low 0.20%, and it yields 1.9%. Jones’s charitable foundation, Just Capital, conducts regular polling to determine the American public’s most important concerns as they relate to business behaviour. That polling then scores companies based on issues such as worker pay, customer treatment, job creation, what if any fines they’ve been charged with, their charitable contributions and greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, the fund managers believe that the 427 companies in the JUST U.S. Large Cap Diversified Index match, on average, the following profile: are twice as likely to pay nearly all their workers a living wage. create U.S. jobs at a 20% greater rate. employ twice as many workers in the U.S. produce 45% lower greenhouse gas emissions per…

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